Spotlight: Recruiters

We know you spend a lot of time and money attracting candidates to apply to your positions, and it can be hard to keep communication flowing as they move through the hiring process post application.

That’s not your fault — managing a large network of candidates and giving them real-time updates is only one part of your many day-to-day responsibilities. And when you’re dealing with high-volume hiring, it can be hard to keep up.

For recruiters, the value is simple with ConveyIQ.

Solutions for Recruiters


Our Talent Communication Platform lets you use the power of consistent, personalized communications to engage and develop lasting relationships with candidates more easily and efficiently. With Convey as your partner, you’ll be free to focus on the bigger picture — like sourcing, growing your talent pipeline, and helping to build a better company.


Don’t let candidates fall through the cracks, or worse, into the arms of a competitor. Use Convey to keep candidates more engaged, leaving you and your team time to focus on driving the business forward.

Connect with us to learn more about how ConveyIQ can help you win the war for talent.