Recruitment Marketing

What is Recruitment Marketing?


Recruitment Marketing is a talent acquisition strategy companies use to find and attract ideal candidates during the pre-apply stage of the hiring process. At this stage, organizations showcase their employer brand through social media, talent communities, career pages, and outreach to convince their target candidates their organization offers the opportunities, benefits and cultural fit they’re looking for.


But what happens after a candidate applies?


We believe that great engagement shouldn’t stop after a candidate hits the “apply” button. Think about it this way: if you’re making the effort and spending money at the beginning of the process to attract candidates, but don’t give them an ideal candidate experience throughout the recruiting process, they will drop out of your talent pipeline — making your initial investments much less profitable.


Recruiters are the best and most important salespeople an organization has. While bringing leads into your talent pipeline matters, success is ultimately measured by the ability to close and hire top talent. And in a candidate-driven market, every step counts.


How ConveyIQ Can Help Perfect Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy


ConveyIQ is the only platform focused on optimizing your outreach and engagement beyond the pre-apply and throughout the recruiting process — providing constant communication from interview scheduling to screening candidates, interviews, and up until the onboarding process.


Our systems works seamlessly with your Applicant Tracking System to enable companies to go beyond what they get with their CRMs and other Recruitment Marketing tools. We focus on creating a remarkable candidate experience during the post-apply stage — where employer brand, transparency, communication, and engagement matter most as top talent you really want considers whether they’ll stay in your interview process, and ultimately, take your job offer.