Spotlight: Chief Talent Officer

As the leader of a complex, people-driven organization, we know you are trying to build a Center of Excellence for recruiting. Your team’s focus is on finding smart, highly motivated people who match the culture of the organization. You value the art of talent acquisition, and the careful process of developing strong relationships to build a winning team.


A bad hire can cost more to an organization than no hire at all, and in a world where candidates are always socially connected, it’s more important than ever to evaluate effectively, while also providing an experience that will last well beyond that final interview.


Attracting top talent to your company is what will give you a competitive edge as you work to grow as an employer of choice. But it isn’t always easy. Investing in candidate acquisition can be costly, and you need to make sure your budget and resources are optimized to focus on delivering results that will improve your bottom line.

Did you know that the biggest driver of candidate dissatisfaction is lack of communication and authenticity throughout the hiring process?  


ConveyIQ wants to change this.

Solutions for Chief Talent Officers

We provide your hiring teams with a platform that drive communications with creativity, clarity, and collaboration. Our goal is to optimize candidate experience with personalized messaging to give companies a competitive advantage in the war for talent.


Using Convey improves your hiring process by engaging candidates at every step of the interview process, working with your Applicant Tracking System to deliver a powerful 1-2 punch, giving you the insights you need to strengthen your talent pipeline and win the war for talent.