Spotlight: Hiring Managers

As a hiring manager, it’s your job to build your team with people who believe in your company mission, get the job done, and fuel your business towards growth.


We know your recruiting team works hard to find you the right talent, and how difficult it can be to attract quality hires. How many times have you had to dip into your budget or turn to external agencies to source candidates when applications ran dry, or were stuck with a bad hire that jumped ship only months after they were onboarded?

A majority of candidates view how companies treat applicants during the interview process as an indication of how they treat their employees. They’re evaluating you just as much as you are evaluating them — and when you’re trying to fill roles fast, communication counts.


Around 87% of candidates who gave their interview experience one-star (out of 5) were never asked for any feedback on the interview process. On average, top talent is off the market in 10 days, so without prompt communication, companies risk losing quality hires to competition — which only makes your recruiting process longer.

Solutions for Hiring Managers


Working in collaboration with your recruiters is key to an efficient and standardized hiring process. Your recruiters need to understand your hiring goals to make sure they send you the talent you need quickly, and don’t waste resources on talent that won’t make the cut. Your team also needs to be able to share feedback and stay on the same page throughout each stage of the interview process so great candidates don’t get lost in the cracks.

We know your time is valuable, so the best way to optimize your time, improve the likelihood of hiring great people, and boost your overall performance is to engage top talent effectively.


Key Statistics:


  • Top talent is off the market in 10 days
  • Average time-to-fill is 23.8 days — with some industries seeing fill times of 60 days or more
  • Average cost-per-hire is upwards of $4,000 per candidate