Interview Scheduling Software

Seamlessly schedule candidate interviews and give yourself more time to source, build networks, and engage talent.


Convey By the Numbers


Reduce time spent manually scheduling interviews and spend more time focusing on delivering a remarkable candidate experience.

What is the impact on our organization? Let’s take a look at some resulting figures:




work weeks saved for every 100 job reqs



reduction in time-to-hire, scheduling candidates for their next interview in a fraction of the time



improvement in hiring yield per round based on swiftly moving candidates to the next step

A Closer Look

There are four interview scheduling challenges that we solve. Simply pick the one you want to use to schedule an interview for one candidate or multiple candidates and we can handle the rest.

Click on the tabs below to get more details:

Recruiter schedules interviews for themselves


Real-time access to a recruiter’s calendar. Suggest specific time slots to candidates based on your company's business rules for that interview setup. After a candidate selects a time, ConveyIQ sends out invites to everyone and that time becomes unavailable for others to book.


Recruiter schedules interviews for managers


Real-time access to any hiring manager’s calendar. Suggest specific time slots to candidates based on your company's business rules for that interview set-up. As the organizer of the interview, you can choose to be included -- or not -- on all invites.

Multiple members of your team can take turns conducting a 1:1 interview


In many hiring processes, there are a host of team members who may take turns running the same round of interviews. Imagine a team of 20 engineers, any one of which can run the 1st round interview with a new candidate.


With ConveyIQ, you can choose which team members participate in interviews, set up rotations or designate mandatory interviewers for each job opening. ConveyIQ will take care of the rest, setting up the correct interviewer with your candidate.

Set up panel interviews in a flash


Getting multiple members of your hiring team to interview a candidate at the same time is no longer a time-consuming process. With ConveyIQ, you can create a ‘team’ and set up scheduling rules defining duration, location, online/in-person, and all other relevant interview details.


ConveyIQ will find times that work across the board, and your candidate will self-schedule themselves, choosing from times that work for your entire hiring team.

Setting-up back to back interviews is no longer Calendar Tetris


Getting candidates set up for an on-site interview with multiple members of your team is a typical part of the hiring process. But trying to match up everyone’s calendars can significantly delay interviews from moving forward. ConveyIQ eliminates all of this manual work and allows candidates to select blocks of time the entire interview team is available.