Candidate Communication Software

Communicate with applicants with the right message based on where they are in the hiring process,
delivered via email and/or text message


ConveyIQ By the Numbers

Nearly half of all candidates are still waiting for responses from employers two months after they submitted their application.
And when top talent’s typically off the market in 10 days, who are you missing out on by not reaching out? Don’t keep job seekers in the dark!
Here’s how ConveyIQ can help improve the candidate experience:

Candidate Experience


of candidates polled said that Convey influenced their decision to take the position

Time Saved


of recruiters’ time spent (per job rec) to communicate with candidates throughout the hiring journey manually

Satisfaction Score


increase in candidate satisfaction rating for candidates communicated with through Convey

A Closer Look

Top candidates are always in demand. More and more, they expect real-time, relevant updates as to where they are in the process.
Keep candidates warm, engaged, and in the know about your company and what it’s truly like to work there.

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Email, Text Message, Video


Use multi-touch campaigns to engage with candidates on the mediums they use most often. Convey provides you the ability to customize or get started right away using our full suite of out-of-the-box templates.


Engage Candidates and Keep Them Warm


Timely and personalized communication triggered as soon as a candidate applies, keeping them fully engaged with your company and up-to-date on where they are in the hiring process. Keep candidates warm or boomerang them back even after a position has been filled.

ConveyIQ + Your ATS


Convey integrates with your ATS to power all communications between candidates and your hiring team throughout the hiring process. Create and send personalized communication campaigns triggered as applicants change status within your ATS. Keep candidates warm and engaged.


Out-of-the-Box and Custom Templates


Get started right away using ConveyIQ's out-of-the-box or fully customizable campaign templates, which include email, text message, and feedback/polling surveys. Data is pulled through your ATS to ensure communications are sent to candidates with the right message at the right time.

The Impact of Poor Candidate Satisfaction


Over 66% of candidates who have a negative experience will share it with 6 or more people or employer review sites. This is damaging your employer brand and putting you at a disadvantage to competitors.

Survey Candidates During the Hiring Process


Send candidate satisfaction surveys to your candidates via email or text message. Responses are provided on a 1-5 scale. Capture comments and analyze trends for insight into your company’s ratings and how candidates view your employer brand.

Track Engagement Metrics & Make Better Hires


Campaign insights ensure you’re using your time and resources efficiently. Make smarter data-driven decisions to maximize results and provide an experience that delivers - increasing candidate satisfaction and establishing your company as an employer of choice.


Robert Banovic – Talent Team Manager

We need the wow factor in the moment…that was a one shot deal. We want them to remember the experience. Our goal is to become a first class recruiting team. Attentive communication process separates us from the others. What’s happening is that candidates are more engaged throughout the process because they are communicated with more often and recruiters are actively moving candidates along.”