Digital Interviewing Software

Save time screening applicants with digital video interviewing software. Easily get feedback from hiring managers,
with actionable insights to help you make great hires, fast.


ConveyIQ By the Numbers

Customizable interview formats and intro videos let you showcase your employer brand and create optimal candidate experiences with a personal touch, whether it be a live video demonstration, or a quick on-demand screening. Robust analytics let you track and compare candidates with ease, so your team can make more informed, data-driven decisions in a collaborative setting.

We help hundreds of industry leaders make better hiring decisions every day. Below are results experienced by some of our clients:

Time-to-Hire Impact


improvement in time-to-hire rates



candidates interviewed over 2 weeks



completion rate for digital interview invites (30k sent)



less dollars spent on travel



less turnover due to employee fit



time savings over phone screens

A Closer Look

We offer an all-in-one enterprise solution that begins with widening the top of your candidate funnel to engage candidates as soon as they become applicants. This reduces time spent screening and making hiring decisions, strengthens your candidate experience and boosts your opportunity to make the best hires.

Click on the tabs below to get more details on specific functionality:

Drive results with better screening platforms


On-Demand and Live digital interviewing functionality give candidates and recruiters more flexibility to schedule, complete, and review screening interviews, allowing for more interviews completed in shorter periods of time, and higher response rates.

Showcase employer brand and educate candidates with personalized intro videos that will keep them excited about your opportunity.

Better workflow drives process efficiency


Provide a more standardized screening process with pre-set interview questions designated for individual roles. Reduce time-to-hire by prompting live video demonstrations, quizzes, or projects in the pre-screening process to identify top talent early.

Set number of questions and time limits on answers to assess and evaluate quickly and efficiently and keep candidates on the same playing field.

Early engagement equals interview success


Share interview notes directly with other members of your hiring team, keeping everyone on the same page throughout the process. Leave live feedback, assessments, and ratings for later review.


Digital interviews stay tied to a candidate as they move through different interview stages. This allows for more robust candidate comparisons at later stages of the process, ultimately resulting in better hires.

Actionable insight from robust recruiting data


Dig deeper to obtain actionable insight from your interview process. Measure your team’s performance and deliver reports with data that is clear and easy to understand.


Measure the success of your interview process by quantifying completion rates and responses to optimize your screening strategy and improve candidate experience.


Durcas Ng – Internal Recruiter
Flow Traders

Convey for Interviewing is truly a revolutionary piece of technology to help us interview candidates overseas. The benefits are obvious…the convenience to review the recordings anytime…no need to schedule a fixed time that would suit different time zones…among many others.”