Candidate Experience

What is candidate experience?


Candidate experience is best defined as how a job seeker views your company throughout the hiring journey. In the recruiting process, it’s now more important than ever. Recent studies show that more than half of job seekers have had poor hiring experiences, whether it be from lack of visibility, poor or no communication from companies, sluggish hiring times, or lack of feedback after interviews.


Neglecting candidate experience can also have some serious consequences. Here’s a look at two key statistics:


  • More than two-thirds of candidates who have a negative experience will share it with their networks on social media or employer review sites like Glassdoor. This is damaging your employer brand and putting you at a disadvantage to competitors.

  • Candidates who have a poor experience are 3.5 times less likely to apply for a job at your company again. This definitely hurts your talent pipeline in the long run.


Over the last several years, companies have started to recognize the impact candidate experience has on building a successful employer brand and becoming an employer of choice. Organizations are making investments in developing robust career pages, social media profiles, and talent communities to engage and communicate with job seekers constantly.

How ConveyIQ can help perfect your candidate experience management strategy?

When you put your candidates first, it’s like putting your customers first. The best candidate experience starts with a solid strategy and an organizational buy-in. Convey delivers constant communication, personalized messaging, and robust data that engages top talent and allows you to ensure the right candidates are coming through the door.