Candidate Satisfaction

What is Candidate Satisfaction?


Candidate Satisfaction is a measurement of a candidate’s perception of your company’s hiring process. By providing a survey or asking for feedback from candidates during and after the interview process, your company can measure how talent feels about your candidate experience.


Typically, companies focus on areas like strength of communication, how informed candidates felt about the company’s culture and benefits, and how well they were prepared ahead of their interviews. This data can be compiled, weighted. and analyzed to produce your Candidate Satisfaction Score. It’s similar to how a Net Promoter Score is calculated.


When you have a Candidate Satisfaction score that goes below average, it means that you are neglecting your candidate experience. You may not have the right strategies in place, or a proper team to provide a better interview process.


Research suggests more than 70 percent of candidates who have a bad experience will share on social media or through employer review sites like Glassdoor, which could have a negative impact on your employer brand.


How ConveyIQ Can Help Perfect Our Candidate Satisfaction Strategy


ConveyIQ measures Candidate Satisfaction to better understand where your process can improve.  We aggregate data by department, position, and time frame to help you make changes that drive better outcomes. Our messaging system also helps recruiters collect feedback and comments from candidates, allowing hiring teams to pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses effectively to improve candidate experience.