Surveys & Analytics

Get the feedback and insights you need to make better decisions on your candidate journeys and communications.  Easily measure the satisfaction of your candidates while in the hiring process, the overall level of engagement on the communications you are sending out to candidates, monitor candidate engagement to better inform your team of how you should be communicating with candidates and track the performance of your On-Demand Interviews, all-in-one easy-to-use analytics dashboard.



Convey By the Numbers

Customizable interview formats and intro videos let you showcase your employer brand and create optimal candidate experiences with a personal touch, whether it be a live video demonstration, or a quick on-demand screening. Robust analytics let you track and compare candidates with ease, so your team can make more informed, data-driven decisions in a collaborative setting.

We help hundreds of industry leaders make better hiring decisions every day. Below are results experienced by some of our clients:

Hours Saved


Work weeks saved for every 100 job reqs

Quicker Hires


reduction in time-to-hire, scheduling candidates for their next interview in a fraction of the time

Hire More Candidates


improvement in hiring yield per round based on swiftly moving candidates to the next step

A Closer Look

Recruiting and hiring teams should have access to key insights into the candidate journey. Understanding what applicants think of their journey is critical to making improvements to attract and hire top talent. In the past, collecting such insights was laborious and time-consuming, thus most teams choose to cut corners or not collect the feedback at all.

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Track Engagement Metrics & Improve Experience


Detailed analytics lets your team track and measure how candidates are responding to your Journey communications and interacting with your messages. Robust data empowers you to make informed decisions on how to optimize Journeys to make better hires and decrease employee churn.

Measure and Optimize Your Interviews


Monitor completion rates and volume of the On-Demand interviews your candidates are taking. See where candidates are falling out in order to make smart decisions on where to optimize your question sets.

Survey Candidates During the Hiring Process 


Monitor how your candidates feel about your process. Measure the satisfaction of your candidates across all positions and use that data to proactively ensure you are providing the best experience all the way through.