Why Diversity Hiring Builds Stronger Teams

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Candidates want to be part of a team that represents today's motley crew of talent.  Studies show that a more diverse workforce is more creative, more productive and less likely to turn over. How does your organization fare?

Tune in with Entelo's Loni Spratt for a fireside chat with Sarah Lovelace from Box, and get the scoop on how Sarah helped build the company's renowned team of diverse tech talent.

In this free webinar, you'll learn:

  • Top techniques for building a diverse talent pipeline
  • Why hiring candidates from under-represented groups can increase employee satisfaction and retention
  • Insight on diversity hiring practices in action and how to make them work for your company

Entelo welcomes presenter Sarah Lovelace for our webinar!

sarah lovelaceSarah is the Senior Manager of Technical Recruiting at Box, where she's lead recruiting efforts since 2010. Prior to joining Box, Sarah was a graduate of UC Berkeley and a two-time World Baton Twirling Champion.