The Recruiter's Guide to Boolean Basics and Natural Languages

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At the core of recruiters' skillsets is the foundational Boolean search method, but being good at building search strings doesn't make you good at hiring.

Join us for a session with The Sourcing Institute's Shally Steckerl as he takes us through the mining skills recruiters must have to uncover today's talent.

Entelo welcomes Shally Steckerl for our webinar!  

shally steckerlthe sourcing institute

Shally Steckerl is president of The Sourcing Institute, building enterprise recruiting engines for Fortune 500 brands helping them efficiently source hard-to-find talent. He is an adjunct professor at Richard J. Fox School of Business and Management at Temple University, Brandman University, and a regular speaker at worldwide HR and recruitment leadership conferences. He is the author of The Talent Sourcing and Recruitment Handbook.