Strategies to Optimize Your Candidate Outreach

Give your outreach strategy a revamp, sit back and watch the funnel expand.

Join Andy Headworth, founder of Sirona Consulting, for a discussion on techniques to fine-tune the way you message and communicate with candidates. 

Charge up your social recruiting and find out:

  • How to make the most of your current outreach channels to snag candidates’ attention
  • Effective ways to solve your company’s talent gap
  • How to get even the most coveted candidates to open your emails
  • Tactics for engaging qualified candidates to reduce your time-to-hire
  • Cost-effective ways to modify your hiring process

Download the Webinar

Entelo welcomes Andy Headworth for our webinar!

andy_headworthAndy Headworth is the founder of Sirona Consulting, an organization that helps companies integrate social media into their existing recruitment strategies. With over 20 years of experience in the recruiting industry, he’s worked with small teams and corporations all over the US, UK, Europe and Middle East. Andy is also the author of Smart Social Media Recruitment Strategies.