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As global businesses are now competing head to head for talent, an organization’s ability to attract top employees is a competitive advantage. Talent teams, however, vary in their capabilities – from reactive, tactical recruiting to high-impact talent acquisition that is fully optimized. Once called “staffing” and managed almost as an afterthought by HR, the talent acquisition function now sits at the nexus of talent management, technology, and organizational success in our global economy.

While many organizations are already working to improve their talent acquisition processes, some haven’t even started because they're overwhelmed by the sheer volume of available technology impacting talent acquisition today.

Join Bersin by Deloitte Analyst Robin Erickson, PhD, in her assessment of the current state of talent acquisition as she shares tactics on how to progress toward an optimized, mature talent acquisition model.

In this webinar, we'll cover the following topics:

  • Key findings on high-impact talent acquisition 
  • An overview of Bersin by Deloitte's TA maturity model
  • Ways to move from one level of maturity to the next
  • Performance results of TA maturity

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Entelo welcomes Robin Erickson for our webinar!  

robin ericksonbersin by deloitteRobin Erickson, Ph.D., directs Bersin by Deloitte’s Talent Acquisition, Engagement and Retention Research practice, where she draws on her most recent experiences focused on Talent Strategies consulting and research for Deloitte’s Human Capital practice. In addition to her Bersin by Deloitte publications, she led Deloitte’s global Talent 2020 longitudinal survey series and has authored two Deloitte Review publications. With more than 20 years in management consulting, Robin has broad experience in talent strategy, change management, retention improvement, workforce planning, organization design, mass career customization, diversity and inclusion, leadership alignment, culture assessment, workforce transition, project management, and facilitation. Robin holds a doctorate from Northwestern University in Organizational Communication and Change, a Master's degree in Communication from Northwestern University, a Master's degree in Theology from Northern Seminary, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Chicago.