How to Hire a Recruiting Team
with Kenny Mendes

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At the core of any great org is a team of bright, resourceful sourcers and recruiters with a keen eye for quickly finding and hiring the best people for your open opportunities. Talent heads, who's on your A-Team?

Join Entelo and Greenhouse as we let Kenny Mendes take the reigns to share his story scaling Box from 40 to over 1,200 people. Learn how to apply these strategies to structure and manage your company's hiring team!

You'll learn:

  • Techniques for building and sifting through a talent pipeline to identify the best people
  • Strategies for hiring people at early-stage and later stage companies
  • Ways to scale your sourcing and hiring processes for long-term growth
  • How to recruit like a Millionaire Matchmaker, as told by Kenny

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Entelo welcomes presenter Kenny Mendes for our August webinar!

kenny mendesKenny Mendes built the recruiting team at Box, where he built its processes from scratch and played an instrumental role in building Box into a company known for its talented workforce and exceptional culture. He is currently Head of People for a Palo Alto startup. Besides technology, baseball is Kenny's biggest passion. He's a huge Oakland A's fan and an original Moneyball kid. He draws inspiration from the famously data-driven methods of Billy Beane, often looking for ways to apply them to scaling technology companies.