How Hiring for Culture Fit is Hurting Your Company

with Amanda Bell, Lever

When was the last time you rejected a candidate because they weren't a "culture fit"? 

Evaluating soft skills and personal traits can be a tricky, subjective beast. What's the key to aligning intangible expectations? Join Amanda Bell, Director of Recruiting at Lever, as she lays out the foundation to identifying people who will thrive at your company – and vice versa.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • The key benefits of mapping company values to company culture
  • Ways to align recruiter-hiring manager expectations and definitions of "culture fit"
  • The cost of relying on outdated, ill-defined standards to assess candidates' qualifications
  • How to balance diversity hiring while honing in on candidates who fit into the role criteria and complement the company structure

Entelo welcomes Amanda Bell for our webinar!  

amanda bellleverAmanda Bell is the Director of Recruiting at Lever where she oversees the hiring processes behind the talent building the innovative, candidate-centric applicant tracking system. Before joining the Lever team, Amanda was the technical recruiting manager at Yelp, managing 15 recruiters, coordinators, and interns while building out the recruiting and development strategies for junior and senior level employees. Amanda received her bachelor's degree in English from Colorado State University.