How to Recruit Engineers on GitHub, Stack Overflow, and Hacker News

With tech talent in high demand, understanding the networks engineers live and work in is fundamental to finding qualified people and establishing rapport. Learn how to leverage these networks to identify relevant candidates, assess their skill sets, and boost your company's engineering brand to stand out from competing recruiters.

GitHub Lead Talent Strategist Tessa Wilder joins us to share recommendations on how to best use GitHub to connect with engineers.



How to Recruit UI/UX Designers on Dribbble and Behance

Perhaps moreso than other professions, designers post most of their work online, giving recruiters ample context to efficiently engage with qualified people. Much of design recruiting, however, is primarily done using resumes, LinkedIn and job boards. Fortunately, there are a couple sites that are excellent for finding and evaluating design talent: Dribbble and Behance.



How to Recruit Data Scientists Using Kaggle, Conference Data, and Social Outreach

A McKinsey study predicts that by 2018 the number of data science jobs in the U.S. will be close to half a million – but there will be less than 200,000 data scientists available for the job. For a role that's barely a couple decades old, what's the most efficient way to find people for this emerging, high-demand, low-supply role?

In this webinar, we'll explore the world's largest community of data scientists on Kaggle, and discuss how to use information from data science events and social networks to find and engage with data scientists.



Finding and Engaging with Tech Talent on Slack, Reddit, Quora, and more

Today's tech candidates are actively interacting and sharing their work on different websites, networks, and forums. As more of these channels surface, recruiters have the advantage to connect with more people in real-time, build a community based on shared interests, and to develop their employer identity among candidates.

This webinar will cover recruiting on Slack, Reddit, Quora, AngelList, and Meetup – a communication tool, aggregated news site and forum, Q&A social network, startup platform, and online portal for interest groups.