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Of the nearly 21 million military veterans living in the United States, over 450,000 are unemployed and seeking a job. How can talent teams find and connect with veteran candidates to hire them for one of the nation's 6 million job openings?

Join Patriot Boot Camp's Josh Anderson as he shares the tools and strategies for identifying and engaging with veteran talent. Veterans offer a unique perspective of resilience, mission achievement, and personal development. Equip your team with the resources to efficiently hire from this often overlooked candidate pool.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How to effectively discover, engage, and hire qualified veteran candidates
  • Communication strategies to capture the attributes and values veterans seek in new opportunities
  • How to convey your employer brand's values and mission to resonate with what candidates are looking for
  • Tools and hiring strategies for talent teams to reduce unconscious bias against veteran candidates

Our Presenters

josh andersonpatriot boot camp logo.pngJosh Anderson is the Chief Operating Officer of Patriot Boot Camp, a nonprofit on a mission to facilitate and accelerate the entrepreneurial journey for veterans and military spouses. PBC provides access to mentors, training, and resources for building the next generation of impactful companies. Since 2012, PBC has helped more than 600 veterans and military spouses become entrepreneurs. Josh previously founded WeWork's Veterans in Residence, a program providing workshops, educational programs, mentorship services for veterans and military spouses. He was also the Head of Talent at SendGrid, and Recruiting Program Manager at Accenture. Former member of the Marine Corps Intelligence, Josh spent 5 years on active duty and was stationed with the Special Operations Capable and the Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force and earned the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Marine of the Quarter, and multiple Certificates of Commendation.