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Who you hire has a huge impact on the future of your organization. But many of the standard talent resources are now saturated with recruiters, which makes standing out to candidates even more of a challenge.

So how can recruiters and sourcers cut through the noise? Join our webinar to learn how Groupon North America’s recruiting team leverages Entelo and other tools to sources and engage with top talent for tough-to-fill roles.

Sean Vadney, Technical Sourcer at Groupon will share his team’s tactics for growing a strong and diverse candidate pipeline, sourcing best practices for tech roles, and how to increase engagement with personalized candidate outreach.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Groupon’s personalized messaging strategies for increasing email engagement rates
  • Best practices for finding and filtering candidate profiles for tech roles
  • Tips on leveraging candidate’s social profiles to craft personalized outreach strategies
  • How Groupon’s recruiters avoid cluttered LinkedIn inboxes by instead using Entelo Track for outreach