We searched high and low to find every top recruiting and HR conference happening around the world between July and December of 2017. From London and Omaha, to Amsterdam and San Francisco, you'll find nearly 100 events to choose from. 

Inside you’ll find actionable intel to help you make informed, decisions about which conferences and events best fit your professional goals and organizational imperatives, including:

  • The full rundown on conferences and meetups happening through the end of 2017, focused on recruiting, human resources, talent management, diversity and inclusion, and more
  • Dates, locations, and cost breakdowns to make planning a cinch
  • Keynote speakers and interesting sessions that we’ve got our eyes on
  • Recommendations on who should attend each conference
  • Which events Entelo will be attending, sponsoring or presenting 


Download your copy of the Ultimate Guide to start planning where you're headed this Summer and Fall!