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Gain Direct Access to Qualified Employees
Search Candidates on Over 50 Social Sites from One Powerful Search Engine and Access Direct Contact Information
Use Predictive Analytics to Your Advantage
Save Time by Reaching Out to Candidates Who Are Most Receptive to New Job Opportunities
Increase Email Open and Reply Rates
Send, Track, and Automatically Follow Up on Candidate Communication With Sophisticated Email Engagement Tools

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"The high level of engagement shown to us by the Entelo Customer Success Team is truly exceptional. They have taken the time to learn about Schneider Electric - they understand our needs and the profiles we are looking for. They are truly an extension of our team.

LaDonna Tucker
Director of Talent Acquisition/Mobility, Schneider Electric

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Entelo is a better way to recruit.

Entelo is the world’s first all-in-one, source-to-hire recruitment automation platform that’s changing the way companies hire. Our mission is to deliver remarkably intelligent end-to-end experiences for Talent Acquisition. Entelo provides your organization with technology that leverages data science, machine learning, predictive analytics, candidate engagement, and recruitment marketing best practices to help your teams find the right talent and hire faster. All while delivering an exceptional candidate experience. We’re the only recruitment platform you will ever need from source-to-hire!

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