We analyzed data from hundreds of recruiters over several months to develop a set of recruiting benchmarks to help you assess your own company’s hiring performance.

Read the Annual Recruiting Trends Report to learn:

  • Where talent acquisition tech is heading in 2017
  • Insights around the most efficient sources of hire
  • How talent acquisition spending trends vary by company size and industry
  • Average time recruiters spend reviewing resumes
  • Year-over-year change benchmarks for diversity initiatives
  • How inbound recruitment is evolving and the challenges it presents

Download your copy of the report for instant insights to help guide your recruiting strategy and benchmark your team’s performance. 


How Talent Teams Can Prepare for Hiring Trends in 2017

Stay a step ahead of today's quickly changing hiring landscape with actionable advice from Entelo Head of Recruiting, Britt Ryan. Join Britt as she discusses what this data means for you and high-impact tips to help your talent team improve your recruiting success in 2017 and beyond. 

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