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Essential Hiring and Productivity Tools for the Modern Recruiter
with Shally Steckerl, The Sourcing Institute

You've got all the resources to find candidates, but how do you make them effectively work for you?

Join us for a discussion with Shally Steckerl, president of The Sourcing Institute, and we'll teach you what you need to be the world's smartest recruiter. Leave with a pocketful of powerful tools and apps to organize your talent pools, from setting appointments and tracking interview notes, to verifying emails and auto-sourcing candidates straight to your inbox.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Techniques to keep track of candidates at all stages of the hiring process
  • How to build out your own macros and autotext entries to speed up your sourcing
  • Ways to efficiently unearth information on people from multiple public sources beyond the professional profile
  • How to decide which parts of the sourcing and recruiting processes to automate to improve your time and task management

Entelo welcomes Shally Steckerl for our webinar!  

shally_steckerl_-_flipped.jpgthe sourcing instituteShally Steckerl is president of The Sourcing Institute, building enterprise recruiting engines for Fortune 500 brands helping them efficiently source hard-to-find talent. He is an adjunct professor at Richard J. Fox School of Business and Management at Temple University, Brandman University, and a regular speaker at worldwide HR and recruitment leadership conferences. He is the author of The Talent Sourcing and Recruitment Handbook.