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Entelo - talent discovery and recruitment software

Increase Open Rates
Research shows candidates prefer to be contacted through email. Engage candidates through Entelo for 2x as many opened messages as InMail. 

Find Out Who's Open to a Career Move 
Candidates tagged as More Likely To Move™ within Entelo have a 30% likelihood of changing jobs within the next 90 days.

Aggregate Data From over 50 Sources Across the Web
Follow the digital footprint of your candidates with social and professional information aggregated from over 50 sites across the web.

“We had LinkedIn, just like everyone else, and were getting the same set of search results everyone else was. We needed new pools of candidates that other recruiters hadn’t yet seen.

We made the same number of hires in one month after bringing
on Entelo as we had in 8 months prior – Our hiring managers actually told us to pace ourselves because we were bringing in so many high-quality candidates!”

Neal Hardin
VP of Global Talent and Workforce Planning, Acxiom

Find, Qualify and Engage with Top Talent with Entelo!